Flags of Valor - Portraits of Valor - Jack Cornn, U.S. Army Master Sergeant

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We launched Portraits of Valor as a way of continuing our mission of Remembering, Employing, and Empowering our heroes. We are grateful for the sacrifice of service members and their families from all aspects of service; military veterans, law enforcement, first responders, public servants, federal agents. Portraits of Valor features heroes from all walks of life and strives to highlight specific snapshots of courage, sacrifice, and heroism of others. Please share these stories  as we work to memorialize and remember the American ethos of sacrificing for others...fellow Americans, future generations, and the liberty of the world.


  • In addition to background information, please provide a brief snapshot of a specific moment that captures the greatest moment of service.
  • We appreciate every submission although we can't publish them all.
  • If selected, please have photos available to accompany the piece.

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